Premiere Pipe, LLC


Premier provides integrated supply arrangements of OCTG and related services for energy companies drilling for oil & gas in the lower 48.

OCTG Supply Chain Management

This consists of the following components:

• Demand forecasting and supply planning
• Technical support and coordination
• Sourcing strategy
• Procurement execution
• Logistics and handling
• Storage and maintenance
• Inventory risk management and cosignment
• Transactional Compliance
• Rig-returns
• Surplus disposal
• Benchmarking and KPI reporting
• Market intelligence

Contract and Coordinate

Managed Specialty joints

• Crossovers
• Pup Joints
• Shoe joints
• Collar joints
• Thread-lock Joints
• Centralizers

Managed Specialty joints

• Post mill inspections
• Float Equipment and centralizer installation
• Rig-prep and rig-return procedures
• Transportation